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Monte SS Big Block Installation Tips
By : Joe Pomerleau

1. The right side motor mount (use your small block mounts) will need to be cut. If you look at the mount while it is on the block (side view right side) the rear corner the will have to be cut off (about an inch and a half (only if you use headers) Hooker is the only company that makes them. (Believe me I bought 3 sets, the Hooker’s are the only ones that will work!)


2. If you want true dual exhaust if you use the big block headers you will have no choice. The transmission cross member will also have to cut. The headers (big Block) come about 3 inches from the cross member so there is no room for a pipe unless you cut the cross member (right side headers only


3. If you use the tall profile valve covers you will need to cut your firewall and remove your blower motor for the heat.  I used the tall because they look better. The small profile valve covers will go in with no problems but you will have to wait until the motor is in and on the motor mounts, because there is no room when you’re sliding in the motor. (This is a tight fit)


4. The radiator MUST be changed as well. I went with a 3 core that I got from NAPA. The car runs an awesome 150-170 deg. with the Leadblock Victor series water pump. (Pricey @ $239.99)


5. Your front springs will not work. I tried and I regret it the first New England pot hole I hit I was in the shop to fix the slight hole in the header from hitting the road (older El Camino springs do just fine)


6. And when you have all this done You WILL NEED.....  to buy better
Brakes and a helmet